The Lilumia 2 , Does it Live up to Your Expectations?

There is so much to say about this product l, I hardly know where to begin. This is a really neat product and it does simplify things a whole lot. 

 I ordered the Lilumia 2 New York Bundle; which includes the Lilumia 2 electronic brush cleaner, 2 silicone cleaning discs, a measuring cup , the power adapter and the Lilumia brush cleaning solution. It also includes a small pamphlet. 

 Let me jump right in by sayin while there are some things that am be adjusted or improved I am extremely happy with the results and experience this far. I have used this device about 5 times now. 

Upon opening the box, which was much larger then I expected but not in a bad way, I noticed that the pamphlet is about 4 pages (front and back) and not very descriptive. Instructions are mixed in with the “what you should have” section and i found myself reading it numerous times and still used it improperly the first time. I don’t know if it was just my excitement or that the pamphlet could have been a little better organized. Also note that if you do not purchase the Lilumia brush cleansing solution you will not know what measurements to use for the soap you choose to use. The Lilumia 2 is designed to work with their brand cleanser. That being said the manual does have a ton of useful information such as a key to decifer which cycle the device is running based on the color of the power button and warranty information, as well as customer service information. 

    Lilumia strives to improve their product as they have created the Lilumia 2 based off the original model the Lilumia. 

 The Lilumia does hold 12 brushes per cycle, however you only have 6 slots. This mean double slotting brushes. This can be tricky as with large face or powder brushes you can only a lot one per slot. I do think that if they can not fit 12 slots in one brush holding disc that they should provide replacement brush holding discs for sale on their site. The slots are made of great durable material but the slots will eventually wear out and instead of holding shape they will warp. They will warp faster with double slotting. If these slots become loose or warped they will not hold the brushes in place effectively. My only request to remedy this is to provide brush holding discs for sale at a reasonable price. The brush holding disc snaps into place very easily and when the cycle is finished you can raise it ever so slightly to hold the brushes while they dry. The Lilumia 2 does not have a heated dry cycle to dry brushes but they do provide a way to air dry the brushes effectively, cleanly and nearly. 
 It is very easy to clean out the dirty water container. You just pop it out of the side of the device and remove the top to dump and clean out the dirty water and make up. I personally like this feature as it allows me to see what was cleaned out of my brushes. The device doesn’t completely drain so o find I have to tip it to the side a little and use a washcloth to get any remaining water that was not vacuumed into the dirty water container. However if you need to pause to fix you brush placement you simply hold down the button for about 5 seconds. This will pause the machine so that you can fix placement. You simply push the button again to restart. To run more then one cycle you hold the button for approximately five seconds to reset the device, the ref light will then turn blue. Push it once and when it turns green push it once more to begin the cleaning cycle. 

I love that the lid to the Lilumia 2 is a locking lid so their can be no splashing or splattered water outside of the device when running its cycles. It also has slotted vents so when you are finished and you have cleaned the device you can put back together as one piece for storage and not have to worry about grimy build up if you didn’t get every last drop of water out of it. 

Now we will touch on the actual use of the Lilumia 2. The cycles are about 15 minutes each. This may seem like a long time to some, especially if your watching and waiting. I like to set it to run cycle and multitask until it finishes. It’s easy to place the brushes but you need be sure that they are touching the cleaning disc but are not smoothed onto the cleaning disk. If you push them to far down onto the beads of the cleaning disc you are asking for damages brushes. They don’t need to be pushed down any further then to touch the tops of the beads. I have put every size brush into this device for cleaning and they have all come out clean with the exception of those I forget to push down far enough and angled brushes. I have put liner brushes on and none of my brushes have lost form, frayed or come apart. The Lilumia is a gentle device. As for the angled brushes, I think Lilumia should creat a cleansing pad specifically for angled brushes. Because of the angles you can not push them down far enough to get the highest part of the angle with out risking damaging the brush. I think a cleansing disc with slightly more elevation in one spot opposed  to the current placement could fix the angle brush dilemma.  I was impressed with how clean my other brushes came out. 

I would like to mention, as well, that this device is extremely helpful to me as I suffer from eczema and frequently have put breaks on my hands just from washing dishes. This device allows me to keep my hands dry and less exposed. I believe it would be useful for many who suffer from skin conditions that flare when exposed to waters and soaps too often. 

  The cleansing pads are dishwasher safe but can also be cleaned easily with a nail, manicure, brush and dish soap for those who do not own a dishwasher. They are silicone so they are flexible and so far have not warped, cracked or torn though exposed to so much moisture and cleansers. They will not melt in your dishwasher on heat dry. 

   Now I will touch on the price points and where you can purchase. For me personally I think the price point is $20-$30 to high for the product but would purchase at the current pricing.  They range from $119-$154 based on color. The bundle is available for $162 and currently only comes in New York black. You can also purchase the extra cleaning discs for $9.99 and the Lilumia brush cleaning solution for $19.95. The solution comes in a large bottle, which is hard to read unless you have a white background or very good lighting, and it lasts a good while. In the approximate 5 uses I still have  3/4 of my bottle left.  You can purchase the Lilumia 2 at as well as on

All in all I would recommend. Lilumia has proven they want to and will continue to improve their products and their customer service has been nothing short of a pleasant experience. 

Why would I purchase this product again?

I would purchase it again because all in all it accurately and effectively cleans 98% of my brushes with no residue, soap or dirt left behind. I like that I can set it and go do other things rather then subject my hands to excessive exposure to the water and soaps that cause my eczema to flare up. For me the things that can be improved are not enough to not want this product. The cleaning solution smells great too! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s made of high quality materials. I might also add that when draining it makes a little bit of noise but for the most part it’s relatively quiete. 

This product is not intended for use with oval make up brushes or beauty blenders. It will not effectively clean these products as it is meant for standard make up brushes. I also assume it is not intended to clean fan brushes, sponge tip or smudge brushes as it would not effectively do so and you risk damaging the smudged sponge applicator brushes as they are delicate. 

Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have and I will be happy to respond as soon as I can. 


I received this product, as well as compensation for live demos, with the intentions and promise of giving my honest and unbiased opinion. I attest that the above is my honest and unbiased opinion. I reserve the right alter or remove this review at anytime, should I see fit. 

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