The Al Kaly Shrine Circus experience

This is going to be a mixed review of our experience. There was a lot of fun but there where some not so pleasant moments.

When we first arrived we where unaware that it was an outdoor circus, It was rainy and cold. We where glad that we decided to attend the earlier showing. We decided to stay as it looked as though it would not disappoint. My kids where very excited and forgot how cold they where as soon as they saw the magic unfold. The animals and the stunts just amazed them, and this was pre-show. Before the circus kicked off they had elephant and camel rides, face painting and more. the vendors where all over the place which, to me at least, they added the old fashioned circus feel you imagine when you are watching an older television show with circus plots.  I only had my debit card on me and when I went on the search for an ATM, I found them but the two I found where out of order. This meant my kids could not do any extras nor could I get them snacks or drinks. This was extremely frustrating. I felt it took away from the entire experience for them.

When the show began, it started 12 minutes late which was kind of frustrating. The show from there on out felt very rushed. One thing I commend them for is putting on a show come rain or shine. To me this added to the danger factor for many of the acts. Being a small circus they still provided many thrills to include animal acts. The tigers and elephants I think where probably the biggest hits when it came to the animal acts. The dog and pony acts, in my opinion, where lacking. I felt as though it was not as amazing as it could have been as I have seen many animal acts in the past. I did not really understand what was so amazing about ponies running in circles and dogs rolling about was so spactacular.

The clown acts where also lacking in my opinion. The first was not really child friendly in my opinion. It had moments that where ok for kids and humorous but others that just m, to me seemed completely inappropriate. The music segment was boring at times but humorous at other times. It was very inconsistent.

Intermission ran about 30 minutes and there was about 30 minutes left of the show after intermission was complete. So really the show was only an hour and half long due to 30 minute intermission. Before Intermission, The Amazing Spiderman came out and did some amazing stunts. I just remember my son yelling ” MOM!!! ITS SPIDERMAN!!!” He was absolutely amazed that Spiderman was right before his eyes. During intermission Spiderman was available for photo ops however it was $10.00 a photo, which to me is insane. There where kids sent away in tears because parents could not pay the ten dollars, because there where no working ATM’s.

This circus has some amazing acts and some not so great features as well. The arialists where amazing, the geometric act was pretty neat and the little girl who shot a bow and arrow with her feet was very cool as well. I love that, for as small is it was, most of the acts took the focus off of the set up going on in the backround for the act to follow. Tickets are typically $10-$40 depending on online sales specials which can be found here. I personally owuld not pay $40 dollars a ticket but $10-$15 would be reasonable and doable.

Here are some fun video’s of our experience:




I received my family pass tickets for free in return for my honest opinion of the event. I have not received any compensation in return for this opinion. I reserve the right to change my opinions should I so choose.

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