Smooth Slicing 

I want to share with you my newest favorite addition to my kitchen. I am always struggling with finding the perfect knife set. I think I may have finally achieved this goal. 

  The knife blog is not perfect but it’s not a complete loss. It’s made of extremely nice wood and is smooth all the way around. I have gotten no splinters nor experienced weather warping. The only issue I have with it the slotting. I have to wiggle the knives to get them into the slots completely which worried me that I would have to sharpen them frequently. Fortunately, I have had this set for a couple of months and so far I haven’t had to sharpen any of them once. They are dishwasher safe and have not shown any signs of rust. The steak knives are my favorite I think. I got this set because of the steak knives. In all my other sets I didn’t have steak knives, how this happened I am not sure. All the knives in this set have good sturdy handles. The scissors are easy to clean but very sharp so I would recommend using just as cautiously as you would a knife. I can not say enough good things about this Beautifully crafted and very sturdy knife set and block

So aside from the slitting in the block, which I was annoyed with at first but have gotten used to, this set is definitely worth the cost. I don’t foresee me ordering or purchasing any new knives any time soon. 

  I did receive this knife and block set at a discounted price in return for my honest review. I otherwise received no other compensation. I reserve the right to change, update or remove this review at anytime. 

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