Collagen Mask Heaven 

When I first got this mask  maker I looked at for a couple of days. A little overwhelmed. It was smaller then I expected and the instruction manual was difficult to follow. Measurements are in the light legend and it just was not well organized m. The back of the manual has a ton of helpful information on what is good for your skin and why so you can make educated decisions on what to use in your mask or masks. Honestly the diagrams both on the listing and on the box where the only reason I was able to operate the machine effectively.  Once I got through a user error I fell deeply in love with this machine and super fast process. 

What does it include? 

The machine 

Power plug cord

30 collagen capsules

Manual and suggestions w a couple recipes

Measuring cup

Mask tray

Cleaning brush 

Small spatula for filling in tiny holes and loosening the edges once mask is dry to avoid tearing. 

 This machine use liquid only such as milk, fruit juices and honey.  Donot expect to use fresh fruit and veggies. Personally I like this feature because it’s less prep and  cleaning time. You add approximately 60 ml water and 20 ml of your mixture other juice(s), honey, etc. so a total of 80ml and 1 collagen tab. If you overfill the machine will beep and notify you. 

When you push the power button it will seem as though nothing is happening, however the light is blinking. Just be patient. It takes time to warm and then you will hear a faint sound which is the machine mixing. It’s very quite. The outside of the machine gets warm but not alarmingly so. 

It will beep in a sequence when it is done mixing and time to pour. Pouring is the easiest process. You literally push the button on top and it pours into the mask mold plate via a small spout on the bottom of the machine. It spreads quickly through the mold. You can use the spatula or your finger to fill any small holes that may need a little help but do it quickly. The mask does cool quickly and is in collagen gel form. This mask mold is a perfect fit to my face. The eye, nose and mouth openings are in the perfect spots and truly I have never had a mask fit my face so well. Also keep in mind that as the mask warns against your skin it will become moist again and may drip as it’s allowing nutrients to absorb into your skin and isn’t holding them hostage. 

  The process from start to finish takes about 15 minutes and this includes  cleaning after making the mask. You need to clean immediately after use and I found that using a water and vinager solution totaling 80 ml in measurement as well as using the brush when using raw materials such as honey is the best way to clean. It’s as simple as pouring water and vinager in the machine and setting it on again (as if you are making another mask). Use the brush only if needed i.e. You used honey or milk or other raw materials. It will run through cycle and when it’s time to pour, I pour into a plastic cup and make sure the spout is clear if any collagen residue. So far this cleaning process has been effective and I have not run into left over collagen in the spout but I always check. It’s small and easy to store until next use. I am obsessed!

The manual for the EgoEra DIY Natural Fruit Vegetable Beauty Automatic Multifunction Facial Mask Maker does mention to only use the collagen peptide tabs that it comes with however I am confident you can use any collagen peptide tabs provided they are good quality. There is no label on the tabs nor does it say where you can find refills. Maybe an update to come. 

 In conclusion I highly recommend saving your money and purchasing this mask making machine over the popular $400 plus dollar machine that is storming social media. For me it’s not a difficult decision. $74 versus $400, less prep time and a fifteen minute process including cleaning for an AMAZING skin care product that not only fits perfectly but you can customize to your skin! That’s a win in my book. You can find all sorts of organic juices including cucumber juice at your local organic food store. 

 This is a skin care product that I could not live with out. If you choose to try it I am absolutely confident you won’t have a single regret!

   I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. I received no  monetary compensation My opinion stands firm and is truly my own. I reserve the right to edit or remove this post at any time although highly unlikely. 

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