Bubbas, Happy paws and happy ma’s!

3 of the 4 bottles originally purchased. One down three to go and lots more to purchase!

    I want to talk about those fun times washing and scrubbing your furry babies. That’s right! I am so in love with this pet shampoo I have to share it. 

  I have two dogs who don’t so much care for baths but they don’t fight it anymore. We used to use different store bought brands but there is always something off putting. They stink or they cause more shedding, our dogs reacted funny to them or their skin would get irritated. I was forever searching the perfect shampoo! 
  Well friends I have found it!!! Bubbas Groovy Ultra Oatmeal Pet Shampoo! It smells amazing! I love the pink color of it! But besides that it is so creamy and is a “little goes a long way” product. My dogs get so dirty between baths and usually I have to double wash. Not with this shampoo. A single wash is all it takes. I won’t lie, sometimes I double wash them just because I love the way it smells and the dogs don’t mind it lol. 

 Besides that, I have eczema and bubbas doesn’t dry my skin or cause eczema outbreaks like every shampoo before it. It’s all natural which is a huge plus because my dogs tend to lick their bath water (eww, I know) and they have not gotten sick with this shampoo. Look I don’t let them but they find a way and now I know I won’t be cleaning up the remnants of their upset stomach. It has help minimize shedding and they do not scratch at their skin near as much as before. Their coats are super soft and silky, not to mention so healthy and shiny!
  I do not wash their heads but I do scrub their necks. I avoid eyes as with any shampoo but I know of for some reason it slips into their eyes I can flush it and know they are gonna be ok. There are no harsh chemicals but instead essential oils and other all natural ingredients. This shampoo is detergent and soap free as are all bubbas products, and it’s made in the USA!!!

Before bubbas I wouldn’t let my kids help with dog baths because I wasn’t sure how their skin would react, I no longer have this fear and it’s a family fun activity. 

   If you want to try this shampoo check out the awesome affordable pricing by shopping their  Walmart listing or their shop their eBay listing and store! You definitely won’t be sorry! 
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