Beauty is nothing if not for the brushes. 

I want to share with you some make up brushes that are not costly but are great quality.

I first want to say these brushes are well crafted. The handles are secure as are the bristles.
The first set is a 24 piece brush set with leather wrap case. The set includes Eye shadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, liner brush,Concealer brush, smudge brushes, and a dual eyebrow brush and unique lash comb. These brushes are crafted from animal hair. It also includes a large and a small fan brush as well as flat and angle brush variety.

These brushes are so extremely soft. I did clean both in an electronic brush cleaner as well as by hand and was satisfied with the results. There where no stray or lose hairs. I have even tugged on the brushes and the hairs remain in the brush and not on my hands. The handle on each brush is tightly attached and did not become lose or wobbly during either cleaning.

Now let’s talk about using for applying your face. These brushes are so soft on the skin. I would have liked for the concealer brush was a tad bit more firm but it for the job done. Every brush is super soft and most importantly doesn’t retain the make up or powders. It applies the product to your skin. The reason this is so important is I have used brushes that retain product and doesn’t apply it properly. After adding more product to the brush it continues cake in the brush and doesn’t properly apply to your face. This leads to wasted make up. With these brushes that is not a problem nor a concern.

The next set I want to share, from the same company, is The 10 piece oval brush set. These brushes are crafted from high quality synthetic hair. There are 10 brushes in all and there is a variety of sizes. 3 of them can be used for foundations, both liquid and powder. 3 brushes that can be used to apply contour, creme or powder. 3 brushes that can be used for eyeshadow and 2 brushes that can be used for lipstick and concealer application.

I am new to using oval brush sets so this was a bit of a challenge for me. These can only be hand washed as they do not properly fit in electronic brush cleaner and wouldn’t get cleaned effectively at all. Upon first opening the package I immediately noticed how soft these brushes are. So many bristles. I couldn’t resist immediately tugging on the bristles to see if any of them fell loose. I am happy to report that with cleaning and tugging the bristles are all still in tact. The handles are plastic but they are a flexible plastic which helps when applying make up. Allows you to fet into every book and cranny.

I immediately noticed how incredibly soft these brushes are to the skin. I did notice that using liquid foundation can be tricky to use with these brushes. If you apply to much it does cake into the brush and cause an ineve look and texture to your face. So I then tried dabbing product on my skin and then blending which worked out far better. I love the eyeshadow brushes but for undereye use. Or making thin lines. I would recommend these to a first time user or even a seasoned artist. They are nice quality and won’t break the bank.

Personally I love make up brushes. Both high end and very rarely the not as expensive drug store or non name brand brushes.
In this case I am in love. These brushes are now some of my favorites and will be used frequently depending on my look.  I can also see the oval brushes being good when used to apply skin care as well, to massage masks, cleaners or creams into the skin.
I would recommend both sets for the teenage or adult beginner or even a seasoned make up artist. Sure they are higher end but they are high quality.

Both sets are about $15.00 in price.





I did receive both sets for my honest and unbiased opinion and assure that the opinions above are true and honest. I received only the products and no other compensation. I do reserve the right to alter or remove this review at anytime.

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