Beautiful Diffuser Necklaces!

I am, as most of you know, essential oil obsessed. When I find a product that I love, I have to share it with ya’ll!

This set of 2 diffuser necklaces is beautifully crafted and they include extra diffuser pads. One is silver and one is bronze plated. They have unique designs that are “cut out”, if you will. They are durable and can be used in many different ways.  I love leaving them in my JEEP but during hotter weather this is not oil efficient. In winter months the oil does not evaporate near as quick. I also find that the designs are “with the times” so wearing them is not odd. I get a lot of compliments and questions as to where they can be purchased.

I also have another 2 piece duffuser necklace set which is more of an antique style. However it is still very stylish. This set also comes with 5 extra diffuser pads. The style is different but they are both absolutely stunning sets. Both sets are locket style but they clasp securely. Each chain is strong, durable and matches the necklaces perfectly. The chains are a bit long however this is something I like. I usually have a relaxing or anxiety relief blend in my necklaces. I like that I can tuck in under my shirt, Especially for events that the style would not match or maybe it does not match  my outfit.

I would Highly recommend these and other other items from this amazing company.




I received both of the above items for free in return for my honest opinions of the products. I have not received any compensation in return for this opinion. I reserve the right to change my opinions should I so choose.

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Diffuser Necklaces!

  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

    • elysianpoetess says:

      Thank you 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see and I will see what I can do.

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