An Amazing Toy, Brain and Motor Stimulation, Fun to Boot!

I want to share with you the new toy that is all the rave right now. These 4-D magnetic blocks are incredible for stimulating the imagination as well as motor skills.

I purchased this small set for my son who has a severe case of ADHD and stem projects help keep him level. These blocks did just as I had hoped. He will sit for hours and build, take apart and build again. He is not bouncing off the walls but instead learning and creating amazing works af art.

There are so many possibilities with these blocks. The magnets, which are inbeded  in each side of every block, are strong. This also allows for stacking to store neatly. They are made of durable plastic and this smaller set comes with several different shapes to include two sets of wheels, to create vehicles. Also included is a small booklet with some fun building ideas. I fully intend on expanding my sons collection. I did notice that one of the suggested vehicles, while it can be put together, doesn’t stand as it should and falls inward.
I would highly suggest these blocks for any child but especially those with special needs such as ADHD or a delay in into skills. I have watched his imagination come to life and it’s truly the coolest thing to experience as a parent.


I received this product for free in return for my honest opinion. I was not Compensated on any way other then receiving the product. I reserve the right to change or remove this posting at anytime for any reason.
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