Life has given this family an unexpected detour. 

  Mike is a good friend of my brothers. He has stumbled and fallen like many of us. He has been working extremely hard to get his life back and to provide a better life for his family to not only be hit with a bone and muscle illness but then to be called and told to return to the hospital because they found a puss pocket in his hip and he would need to remain hospitalized for 3 weeks on if antibiotics. Where he would also be told he has cancer in one of his kidneys.   Please if you can donate, every little bit helps. He is a hard working man who is the sole income providing for his wife and kids. If you can not please share and send a lot of prayers to this family.

Collagen Mask Heaven 

When I first got this mask  maker I looked at for a couple of days. A little overwhelmed. It was smaller then I expected and the instruction manual was difficult to follow. Measurements are in the light legend and it just was not well organized m. The back of the manual has a ton of helpful information on what is good for your skin and why so you can make educated decisions on what to use in your mask or masks. Honestly the diagrams both on the listing and on the box where the only reason I was able to operate the machine effectively.  Once I got through a user error I fell deeply in love with this machine and super fast process. 

What does it include? 

The machine 

Power plug cord

30 collagen capsules

Manual and suggestions w a couple recipes

Measuring cup

Mask tray

Cleaning brush 

Small spatula for filling in tiny holes and loosening the edges once mask is dry to avoid tearing. 

 This machine use liquid only such as milk, fruit juices and honey.  Donot expect to use fresh fruit and veggies. Personally I like this feature because it’s less prep and  cleaning time. You add approximately 60 ml water and 20 ml of your mixture other juice(s), honey, etc. so a total of 80ml and 1 collagen tab. If you overfill the machine will beep and notify you. 

When you push the power button it will seem as though nothing is happening, however the light is blinking. Just be patient. It takes time to warm and then you will hear a faint sound which is the machine mixing. It’s very quite. The outside of the machine gets warm but not alarmingly so. 

It will beep in a sequence when it is done mixing and time to pour. Pouring is the easiest process. You literally push the button on top and it pours into the mask mold plate via a small spout on the bottom of the machine. It spreads quickly through the mold. You can use the spatula or your finger to fill any small holes that may need a little help but do it quickly. The mask does cool quickly and is in collagen gel form. This mask mold is a perfect fit to my face. The eye, nose and mouth openings are in the perfect spots and truly I have never had a mask fit my face so well. Also keep in mind that as the mask warns against your skin it will become moist again and may drip as it’s allowing nutrients to absorb into your skin and isn’t holding them hostage. 

  The process from start to finish takes about 15 minutes and this includes  cleaning after making the mask. You need to clean immediately after use and I found that using a water and vinager solution totaling 80 ml in measurement as well as using the brush when using raw materials such as honey is the best way to clean. It’s as simple as pouring water and vinager in the machine and setting it on again (as if you are making another mask). Use the brush only if needed i.e. You used honey or milk or other raw materials. It will run through cycle and when it’s time to pour, I pour into a plastic cup and make sure the spout is clear if any collagen residue. So far this cleaning process has been effective and I have not run into left over collagen in the spout but I always check. It’s small and easy to store until next use. I am obsessed!

The manual for the EgoEra DIY Natural Fruit Vegetable Beauty Automatic Multifunction Facial Mask Maker does mention to only use the collagen peptide tabs that it comes with however I am confident you can use any collagen peptide tabs provided they are good quality. There is no label on the tabs nor does it say where you can find refills. Maybe an update to come. 

 In conclusion I highly recommend saving your money and purchasing this mask making machine over the popular $400 plus dollar machine that is storming social media. For me it’s not a difficult decision. $74 versus $400, less prep time and a fifteen minute process including cleaning for an AMAZING skin care product that not only fits perfectly but you can customize to your skin! That’s a win in my book. You can find all sorts of organic juices including cucumber juice at your local organic food store. 

 This is a skin care product that I could not live with out. If you choose to try it I am absolutely confident you won’t have a single regret!

   I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. I received no  monetary compensation My opinion stands firm and is truly my own. I reserve the right to edit or remove this post at any time although highly unlikely. 

An Amazing Toy, Brain and Motor Stimulation, Fun to Boot!

I want to share with you the new toy that is all the rave right now. These 4-D magnetic blocks are incredible for stimulating the imagination as well as motor skills.

I purchased this small set for my son who has a severe case of ADHD and stem projects help keep him level. These blocks did just as I had hoped. He will sit for hours and build, take apart and build again. He is not bouncing off the walls but instead learning and creating amazing works af art.

There are so many possibilities with these blocks. The magnets, which are inbeded  in each side of every block, are strong. This also allows for stacking to store neatly. They are made of durable plastic and this smaller set comes with several different shapes to include two sets of wheels, to create vehicles. Also included is a small booklet with some fun building ideas. I fully intend on expanding my sons collection. I did notice that one of the suggested vehicles, while it can be put together, doesn’t stand as it should and falls inward.
I would highly suggest these blocks for any child but especially those with special needs such as ADHD or a delay in into skills. I have watched his imagination come to life and it’s truly the coolest thing to experience as a parent.


I received this product for free in return for my honest opinion. I was not Compensated on any way other then receiving the product. I reserve the right to change or remove this posting at anytime for any reason.
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Bubbas, Happy paws and happy ma’s!

3 of the 4 bottles originally purchased. One down three to go and lots more to purchase!

    I want to talk about those fun times washing and scrubbing your furry babies. That’s right! I am so in love with this pet shampoo I have to share it. 

  I have two dogs who don’t so much care for baths but they don’t fight it anymore. We used to use different store bought brands but there is always something off putting. They stink or they cause more shedding, our dogs reacted funny to them or their skin would get irritated. I was forever searching the perfect shampoo! 
  Well friends I have found it!!! Bubbas Groovy Ultra Oatmeal Pet Shampoo! It smells amazing! I love the pink color of it! But besides that it is so creamy and is a “little goes a long way” product. My dogs get so dirty between baths and usually I have to double wash. Not with this shampoo. A single wash is all it takes. I won’t lie, sometimes I double wash them just because I love the way it smells and the dogs don’t mind it lol. 

 Besides that, I have eczema and bubbas doesn’t dry my skin or cause eczema outbreaks like every shampoo before it. It’s all natural which is a huge plus because my dogs tend to lick their bath water (eww, I know) and they have not gotten sick with this shampoo. Look I don’t let them but they find a way and now I know I won’t be cleaning up the remnants of their upset stomach. It has help minimize shedding and they do not scratch at their skin near as much as before. Their coats are super soft and silky, not to mention so healthy and shiny!
  I do not wash their heads but I do scrub their necks. I avoid eyes as with any shampoo but I know of for some reason it slips into their eyes I can flush it and know they are gonna be ok. There are no harsh chemicals but instead essential oils and other all natural ingredients. This shampoo is detergent and soap free as are all bubbas products, and it’s made in the USA!!!

Before bubbas I wouldn’t let my kids help with dog baths because I wasn’t sure how their skin would react, I no longer have this fear and it’s a family fun activity. 

   If you want to try this shampoo check out the awesome affordable pricing by shopping their  Walmart listing or their shop their eBay listing and store! You definitely won’t be sorry! 
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The Lilumia 2 , Does it Live up to Your Expectations?

There is so much to say about this product l, I hardly know where to begin. This is a really neat product and it does simplify things a whole lot. 

 I ordered the Lilumia 2 New York Bundle; which includes the Lilumia 2 electronic brush cleaner, 2 silicone cleaning discs, a measuring cup , the power adapter and the Lilumia brush cleaning solution. It also includes a small pamphlet. 

 Let me jump right in by sayin while there are some things that am be adjusted or improved I am extremely happy with the results and experience this far. I have used this device about 5 times now. 

Upon opening the box, which was much larger then I expected but not in a bad way, I noticed that the pamphlet is about 4 pages (front and back) and not very descriptive. Instructions are mixed in with the “what you should have” section and i found myself reading it numerous times and still used it improperly the first time. I don’t know if it was just my excitement or that the pamphlet could have been a little better organized. Also note that if you do not purchase the Lilumia brush cleansing solution you will not know what measurements to use for the soap you choose to use. The Lilumia 2 is designed to work with their brand cleanser. That being said the manual does have a ton of useful information such as a key to decifer which cycle the device is running based on the color of the power button and warranty information, as well as customer service information. 

    Lilumia strives to improve their product as they have created the Lilumia 2 based off the original model the Lilumia. 

 The Lilumia does hold 12 brushes per cycle, however you only have 6 slots. This mean double slotting brushes. This can be tricky as with large face or powder brushes you can only a lot one per slot. I do think that if they can not fit 12 slots in one brush holding disc that they should provide replacement brush holding discs for sale on their site. The slots are made of great durable material but the slots will eventually wear out and instead of holding shape they will warp. They will warp faster with double slotting. If these slots become loose or warped they will not hold the brushes in place effectively. My only request to remedy this is to provide brush holding discs for sale at a reasonable price. The brush holding disc snaps into place very easily and when the cycle is finished you can raise it ever so slightly to hold the brushes while they dry. The Lilumia 2 does not have a heated dry cycle to dry brushes but they do provide a way to air dry the brushes effectively, cleanly and nearly. 
 It is very easy to clean out the dirty water container. You just pop it out of the side of the device and remove the top to dump and clean out the dirty water and make up. I personally like this feature as it allows me to see what was cleaned out of my brushes. The device doesn’t completely drain so o find I have to tip it to the side a little and use a washcloth to get any remaining water that was not vacuumed into the dirty water container. However if you need to pause to fix you brush placement you simply hold down the button for about 5 seconds. This will pause the machine so that you can fix placement. You simply push the button again to restart. To run more then one cycle you hold the button for approximately five seconds to reset the device, the ref light will then turn blue. Push it once and when it turns green push it once more to begin the cleaning cycle. 

I love that the lid to the Lilumia 2 is a locking lid so their can be no splashing or splattered water outside of the device when running its cycles. It also has slotted vents so when you are finished and you have cleaned the device you can put back together as one piece for storage and not have to worry about grimy build up if you didn’t get every last drop of water out of it. 

Now we will touch on the actual use of the Lilumia 2. The cycles are about 15 minutes each. This may seem like a long time to some, especially if your watching and waiting. I like to set it to run cycle and multitask until it finishes. It’s easy to place the brushes but you need be sure that they are touching the cleaning disc but are not smoothed onto the cleaning disk. If you push them to far down onto the beads of the cleaning disc you are asking for damages brushes. They don’t need to be pushed down any further then to touch the tops of the beads. I have put every size brush into this device for cleaning and they have all come out clean with the exception of those I forget to push down far enough and angled brushes. I have put liner brushes on and none of my brushes have lost form, frayed or come apart. The Lilumia is a gentle device. As for the angled brushes, I think Lilumia should creat a cleansing pad specifically for angled brushes. Because of the angles you can not push them down far enough to get the highest part of the angle with out risking damaging the brush. I think a cleansing disc with slightly more elevation in one spot opposed  to the current placement could fix the angle brush dilemma.  I was impressed with how clean my other brushes came out. 

I would like to mention, as well, that this device is extremely helpful to me as I suffer from eczema and frequently have put breaks on my hands just from washing dishes. This device allows me to keep my hands dry and less exposed. I believe it would be useful for many who suffer from skin conditions that flare when exposed to waters and soaps too often. 

  The cleansing pads are dishwasher safe but can also be cleaned easily with a nail, manicure, brush and dish soap for those who do not own a dishwasher. They are silicone so they are flexible and so far have not warped, cracked or torn though exposed to so much moisture and cleansers. They will not melt in your dishwasher on heat dry. 

   Now I will touch on the price points and where you can purchase. For me personally I think the price point is $20-$30 to high for the product but would purchase at the current pricing.  They range from $119-$154 based on color. The bundle is available for $162 and currently only comes in New York black. You can also purchase the extra cleaning discs for $9.99 and the Lilumia brush cleaning solution for $19.95. The solution comes in a large bottle, which is hard to read unless you have a white background or very good lighting, and it lasts a good while. In the approximate 5 uses I still have  3/4 of my bottle left.  You can purchase the Lilumia 2 at as well as on

All in all I would recommend. Lilumia has proven they want to and will continue to improve their products and their customer service has been nothing short of a pleasant experience. 

Why would I purchase this product again?

I would purchase it again because all in all it accurately and effectively cleans 98% of my brushes with no residue, soap or dirt left behind. I like that I can set it and go do other things rather then subject my hands to excessive exposure to the water and soaps that cause my eczema to flare up. For me the things that can be improved are not enough to not want this product. The cleaning solution smells great too! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s made of high quality materials. I might also add that when draining it makes a little bit of noise but for the most part it’s relatively quiete. 

This product is not intended for use with oval make up brushes or beauty blenders. It will not effectively clean these products as it is meant for standard make up brushes. I also assume it is not intended to clean fan brushes, sponge tip or smudge brushes as it would not effectively do so and you risk damaging the smudged sponge applicator brushes as they are delicate. 

Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have and I will be happy to respond as soon as I can. 


I received this product, as well as compensation for live demos, with the intentions and promise of giving my honest and unbiased opinion. I attest that the above is my honest and unbiased opinion. I reserve the right alter or remove this review at anytime, should I see fit. 

Beauty is nothing if not for the brushes. 

I want to share with you some make up brushes that are not costly but are great quality.

I first want to say these brushes are well crafted. The handles are secure as are the bristles.
The first set is a 24 piece brush set with leather wrap case. The set includes Eye shadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, liner brush,Concealer brush, smudge brushes, and a dual eyebrow brush and unique lash comb. These brushes are crafted from animal hair. It also includes a large and a small fan brush as well as flat and angle brush variety.

These brushes are so extremely soft. I did clean both in an electronic brush cleaner as well as by hand and was satisfied with the results. There where no stray or lose hairs. I have even tugged on the brushes and the hairs remain in the brush and not on my hands. The handle on each brush is tightly attached and did not become lose or wobbly during either cleaning.

Now let’s talk about using for applying your face. These brushes are so soft on the skin. I would have liked for the concealer brush was a tad bit more firm but it for the job done. Every brush is super soft and most importantly doesn’t retain the make up or powders. It applies the product to your skin. The reason this is so important is I have used brushes that retain product and doesn’t apply it properly. After adding more product to the brush it continues cake in the brush and doesn’t properly apply to your face. This leads to wasted make up. With these brushes that is not a problem nor a concern.

The next set I want to share, from the same company, is The 10 piece oval brush set. These brushes are crafted from high quality synthetic hair. There are 10 brushes in all and there is a variety of sizes. 3 of them can be used for foundations, both liquid and powder. 3 brushes that can be used to apply contour, creme or powder. 3 brushes that can be used for eyeshadow and 2 brushes that can be used for lipstick and concealer application.

I am new to using oval brush sets so this was a bit of a challenge for me. These can only be hand washed as they do not properly fit in electronic brush cleaner and wouldn’t get cleaned effectively at all. Upon first opening the package I immediately noticed how soft these brushes are. So many bristles. I couldn’t resist immediately tugging on the bristles to see if any of them fell loose. I am happy to report that with cleaning and tugging the bristles are all still in tact. The handles are plastic but they are a flexible plastic which helps when applying make up. Allows you to fet into every book and cranny.

I immediately noticed how incredibly soft these brushes are to the skin. I did notice that using liquid foundation can be tricky to use with these brushes. If you apply to much it does cake into the brush and cause an ineve look and texture to your face. So I then tried dabbing product on my skin and then blending which worked out far better. I love the eyeshadow brushes but for undereye use. Or making thin lines. I would recommend these to a first time user or even a seasoned artist. They are nice quality and won’t break the bank.

Personally I love make up brushes. Both high end and very rarely the not as expensive drug store or non name brand brushes.
In this case I am in love. These brushes are now some of my favorites and will be used frequently depending on my look.  I can also see the oval brushes being good when used to apply skin care as well, to massage masks, cleaners or creams into the skin.
I would recommend both sets for the teenage or adult beginner or even a seasoned make up artist. Sure they are higher end but they are high quality.

Both sets are about $15.00 in price.





I did receive both sets for my honest and unbiased opinion and assure that the opinions above are true and honest. I received only the products and no other compensation. I do reserve the right to alter or remove this review at anytime.

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Smooth Slicing 

I want to share with you my newest favorite addition to my kitchen. I am always struggling with finding the perfect knife set. I think I may have finally achieved this goal. 

  The knife blog is not perfect but it’s not a complete loss. It’s made of extremely nice wood and is smooth all the way around. I have gotten no splinters nor experienced weather warping. The only issue I have with it the slotting. I have to wiggle the knives to get them into the slots completely which worried me that I would have to sharpen them frequently. Fortunately, I have had this set for a couple of months and so far I haven’t had to sharpen any of them once. They are dishwasher safe and have not shown any signs of rust. The steak knives are my favorite I think. I got this set because of the steak knives. In all my other sets I didn’t have steak knives, how this happened I am not sure. All the knives in this set have good sturdy handles. The scissors are easy to clean but very sharp so I would recommend using just as cautiously as you would a knife. I can not say enough good things about this Beautifully crafted and very sturdy knife set and block

So aside from the slitting in the block, which I was annoyed with at first but have gotten used to, this set is definitely worth the cost. I don’t foresee me ordering or purchasing any new knives any time soon. 

  I did receive this knife and block set at a discounted price in return for my honest review. I otherwise received no other compensation. I reserve the right to change, update or remove this review at anytime.